06 things to know about chewing gum


06 things to know about chewing gum


Chewing gum promotes weight loss



Chewing reduces the feeling of hunger and the phenomenon of snacking. It also helps you to eat less during meals (36 calories less per day). Finally, chewing means spending energy! However, chewing gum does not stop your appetite.

It should be noted that we are the world’s second-largest consumer of chewing gum with 490 g per person per year. 3/4 of the chewing gums sold are mint flavored. In front of France, we find, without surprise, the United States.

Chewing gum causes intestinal problems



Bloating, diarrhea: chewing gum is accused of all sorts of ills. However, the polyols that would be responsible for this disorder would have to be absorbed in huge quantities (100 gums per day!) to induce such consequences! Chew without fear because it even helps to calm stomach upsets: the secretion of saliva caused by chewing accelerates digestion.

Chewing gum is therefore a good way to treat this very debilitating condition, especially during pregnancy! since there are no contraindications to chewing gum during pregnancy.

Chewing gum with sweeteners maintains the desire for sugar


Not true.

A recent study even proves that chewing gum reduces the consumption of sugar-rich snacks. Even so, if the body compensates for this reduction in energy, it has been shown that, overall, the use of “sugar-free” products promotes a better balanced diet.

Chewing gum protects against cavities

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Chewing increases the production of saliva that contains anti-bacterial food. Saliva also plays a role in the elimination of food residues. In short, it prevents plaque from forming. The acidity of the mouth decreases and with it the risk of developing cavities.

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