Here is why you should not eat ketchup anymore

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Here is why you should not eat ketchup anymore


We consume it to accompany our fries without really knowing what it contains, although it is very popular it is harmful to our health. Here is why it is better not to consume it anymore.

Ketchup is certainly the tastiest food in the supermarket. But the Israelis have banned it for a reason.

In an article published in 2018, a magazine reports that 60 million consumers attacked the food industry by highlighting “foods that poison”. Among the list of denounced products, it is therefore not surprising that we find the famous popular condiment.

For the past few decades, people have been increasingly aware of the ravages that certain industrial and processed products can have on their health, and are turning to organic products. Ketchup is one of those foods that people prefer to ban from their refrigerators. Here’s why!. Here is why!

1- It contains very few nutrients

From its red color, you’d almost think it was made with 99% freshly picked tomatoes. Well, think again. Ketchup contains only a tiny amount of tomatoes, which is why the Israelis have banned it from being called “ketchup”.


It contains no fiber, no protein, and no nutrients, contrary to what the advertisements would have us believe. This ketchup contains only a very small amount of lycopene, a natural pigment belonging to the carotenoid family, which is responsible for the red color of ketchup. Although our body easily assimilates this antioxidant, ketchup is still extremely low in nutrients.

2- It contains too much sugar

Here is the main reason why this product is particularly harmful. It contains a lot of sugar. Still, according to the association of 60 million consumers, a 700g bottle of ketchup would contain only eight tomatoes for 22 pieces of sugar. That is the equivalent of a chocolate cake for eight people. Enough to fatten you up and put your health at risk.

Although delicious, sugar is a poison that can seriously harm your health. Present in profusion in processed foods, this little white pleasure is a real threat to our bodies, particularly by making us gain weight, increasing our risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, or depression.


In addition, and despite what we might think, sugar is the number one enemy of your energy. Indeed, sugary foods quickly increase the levels of glucose in the blood, increasing energy, unfortunately ephemeral. A sharp drop in blood sugar levels quickly follows this brief increase in energy.

You will have understood, this product can be particularly harmful to your health. It would therefore be preferable to ban it from your refrigerator, even if it may displease the children. Health, we only have one! Why not opt for natural products? Nothing better than making homemade ketchup. Easy, quick, and delicious, it will delight your taste buds without harming your health. personalised ketchup

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